The most fertile island in Greece

Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union
Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union was founded in 1920. It consists of 27 primary cooperatives with 2.150 farmers as members



Zakynthos island has unique varieties of wine, oil, raisins and many other products. Visit our online shop to order or simply to get to know our products.
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 A few words about us

Since 1920


The Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union was founded in 1920.
Its members are 27 primary cooperatives with 2,150 farmers. Since its establishment until this day the Union has been active in various sectors but mainly in trading in agricultural products produced on our island. more


 Zakynthian Products

Standard products

"Olive oil"

The extra virgin olive oil 'Zakynthos' (Protected Geographical Indication) and the Organic extra virgin olive oil 'Zakynthos' (Protected Geographical Indication) are produced by old olive trees and are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. more


The total number of members of the Corinthian Currant Producers Organization of the ZACU amounts 1174 producers with a total growing area of about 1.018 hectares. more


The Zakynthian vineyard consists mainly of white grape varieties. These varieties, combined with the unique soil and climatic conditions of the island, offer Zakynthian wines, which are renowned for their quality throughout Greece. more

Other products

 Agricultural Production

In Zakynthos


The unique variety of microclimates of the island offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of many different products. The remarkable phenomenon of the rural land of Zakynthos has been mentioned by many historians and travelers since ancient times. It has been characterized as “Paradise on Earth”: a place that produces "the best oil in the world"....

“A unique phenomenon, such a small piece of land to offer so much wealth” more



Farmers, like all producers of economic goods and services, have an ongoing need to increase productivity by producing more or find ways to produce the same amount with less use of resources.
Modern agriculture at its best is effective, productive and profitable. But the challenge now is to achieve these results, without harming the environment.

Our authentic products are produced based on excellent raw materials as you can see in detail in the presentation of products. Zante Agricultural Cooperatives Union provides them for wholesale and they are made available to the general public via selected chain stores.

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